Denpasar, Bali!

Sunshine, wet markets and street art.

2-16 October, 2015Denpasar / Bali

Denpasar, Bali!

This was it.


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Free Art Tours / Free Workshop / Slideluck

Some of our Indonesian Core Artists were super keen to get Micro Galleries into the local haunts of Denpasar – this isn’t an idea that took too much time to mull over. BALI! Renowned by foreigners as a fantastic place to relax, unwind and chill, MG is instead going to hit places most visitors don’t often venture and bring them to the attention of art and street art fans everywhere.

Micro Galleries (Denpasar) will take place in the economic heart of the town at the iconic Badung Traditional Market and along the polluted Badung River. Micro Galleries will revitalise this area with over 100 artworks by International and local artists for the local community and visitors, showcasing one of the oldest and most traditional markets in the country. Overtaken by vehicles, we will reclaim some of this space back for the local community, creating a vibrant and dynamic environment that will demonstrate the potential that every community and space has, generating energy and possibility for future projects and creative possibilities.

We are connecting four Australian artists who will come to Bali to work alongside with local Indonesian artists to create new installation, video and interdisciplinary works, we have a truck load of exciting art from 13 Australian artists, 12 local Indonesian artists and 15 of the core Micro Galleries artists – all donating work from around the world (including France, USA, Iran, Finland, Thailand, Hong Kong and Italy).

  • Workshops for the community, artist talks, tours of the artworks at the market, a moving images evening culminating in a micro Slideluck, a huge opening night with live music, projections, and installations – including a floating one on the river…breathe. It’s all FREE and gonna be some micro madness in the best possible way!



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