Largest Island Country + Micro Galleries = Perfection

6-21 October , 2017Kampung Kecil, Jakarta / Indonesia


Drumroll on empty paint buckets please! HERE IT IS! Our full program for Micro Galleries Jakarta Live Weekend, 6-8 October!

REGISTER HERE for a range of events, tours, talks and workshops!  We are almost completely booked out!

Download your schedule HERE (English) or HERE (Indonesian)



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Rooftop Hub Location is HERE // Enter into Go-Jek THIS

MG Rooftop Hub: Above Alazka and D’Besto Jalan Panjang Kampung Baru No.38, Sukabumi Sel., Kb. Jeruk, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Jakarta 11560

Kampung Kecil Location is HERE //// Enter into Go-Jek THIS

Kampung Kecil: cnr. of JL. Raya Kby. Lama & Jl. Kebon Nanas I, South Jakarta



Media Conference on Wednesday 4 October, 11am at the MHG Rooftop Hub

Download the Program Launch Media Release HERE (English) or HERE (Indonesian)


Over 50 artists from across Indonesia and around the world will paint, paste up, spray, install, perform and project their art throughout the laneways, corners and secret spots of this vibrant kampung, making a hidden labyrinth of open-air galleries. Kick off your planning by downloading your map HERE! 
Full schedule goes live tomorrow with registration links!




We are looking for translators, production assistants and just people who love art and want to help out in communities. If this is you, email us!  From 2-9 October.



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Here’s something we bet you didn’t know – Jakarta is a city with more people living in it than the entire population of Australia and is growing faster than Beijing! Yep. Jakarta is Indonesia’s economic, cultural and political epicentre so we are heading there with an EpiPen at the ready to do some urban acupuncture with a few forgotten corners of this megatropolis.

6-8 October: Live Weekend / 6-21 October Open-Air Galleries

Micro Galleries have partnered with #belajaran, an independent, community-based organisation that run programs and events across four kampungs in Jakarta. They are grass-roots, self-driven and managed. Their agenda is to create a better future for their youth through amazing programs that up-skill and capacity build.  The kampungs are special as they mean a “village’ within an urban environment. They are small hubs of community and belonging. They are often low socio-economic areas that often have higher rates of illness, lower levels of sanitation and access to health services. The people living within these communities often live lives of hardship and long hours of work. There is very little time or resources for art and “art for arts sake.” We’re gonna change that and showcase these incredible, resourceful communities while we’re at it.

What’s new with this iteration of MG?

Well, we are not only bringing mural and spray work into the kampungs, but contemporary and experimental work like projection, new media, installation and sound art. Not only that, we are making it relevant and accessible.  We are also developing an Emerging Creative Leaders program to share our professional skills with a small group of emerging creative leaders who haven’t had the advantages of education, opportunity and resources that our team has had the benefit of. We hope that the outcome of such a program will also result in building on top of the already amazing existing programs established by #belajaran, raise their profile and extend their resonance.

We love Indonesia and with over 17,500 islands, we here at MG think it might be the ultimate place for secret creative appearances and unexpected artistic interventions over the next few years. Get involved.

Micro Galleries Jakarta is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Australian Embassy Jakarta // Micro Galleries Jakarta didukung oleh pemerintah Australia melalui Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, dan Kedutaan Besar Australia di Jakarta.




After a successful 6-week call out for local artists to join Micro Galleries Jakarta, 29 talented Indonesians have been selected to exhibit alongside 24 international artists at the fortnight long open-air arts festival in October.

Artists and Team

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Schedule will be released in September.


On 6-8 October, Micro Galleries will present a Live Weekend stuffed with performances, music, projection art, talks, tours, live work creation, workshops and visiting international and local artists. Register as micro spots for events with macro punch!


Micro Galleries will focus around Kampung Kecil in Jakarta




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