Occupy Nowra!

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8 - 24 MAY 2015Nowra CBD / Australia

Occupy Nowra!

This was it.

From 8 – 24 May, 2015 parts of Nowra were reclaimed by the local community and over 40 stunning artists from the Shoalhaven, wider Australia and around the world.  This Shoalhaven unsung hero was made into a fresh new canvas of social inquiry, fun, inquisitive playfulness and startling visual, sound, performance and installation that will hopefully bring the local community and beyond into the Nowra CBD to celebrate being a pretty cool town.

MG worked closely with Nowra to prove how a community can re-frame how they view their environment and their cultural offering to the local community and the world, as well as demonstrate that everyone can appreciate and enjoy art if they are provided the opportunity to do so – Nowra certainly helped prove our theory!

Pop-up space, symposiums, performance installations, sounds drops, new interdisciplinary work, walls upon walls of pastings and a couple of cheeky pot hole gardens and Nowra will never be the same again!

There were seven free tours led by performance artists, a pop-up arts space, live performance and hundreds of participants took part in one creative way or another.  It’s all still there so when you’re free download a map, see some art and frequent some of the awesome local coffee shops, boutique shops and a gazillion Op-Shops!!!


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