Reclaim: Jakarta

Taking back our streets with art

8 May, 2017Jakarta / Indonesia

Reclaim: Jakarta

This was it.

Monday 12 June, 2017: Late on Wednesday night, 24 May 2017,  a twin bomb attack struck the Kampung Melayu Transjakarta bus terminal in Jakarta. The surrounding area descended into fear chaos after the explosions. Three policemen were killed with several other and civilians wounded. This terror attack left the community reeling, so a group of local artists decided to take action and reclaim Jakarta as city of peace, hope and resilience.

Partnering with Micro Galleries, who are bringing their arts festival to Jakarta in October (6-29 October), Indonesian artists Media Legal. Nur, Robowobo, dan Wacky, and Aryo Dewa Bharata, created eight large-scale artworks to spread the message that Jakarta stands united against acts of terrorism.

The artworks have been in place since Thursday, 8 June, and cover walls around the Pejompongan area near Senayan, Underpass Duku Atas, Gembrong Market bypass, and Pemuda Street in Rawamangun, near Universitas Nasional Jakarta.

The ‘Reclaim: Jakarta’ project, was made possible through a number of international sponsors and a global crowdfunding campaign which raised enough funds, in twelve hours, to commission the artists and pay for materials.

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