Wan Chai, HK

Fishermen, Soldiers and raw HK

13-15 December, 2013Wan Chai / Hong Kong

Wan Chai, HK

This was it.

Wan Chai was one of the first developed areas of HK; home to fisherman who stayed close to the local temple it soon became a hot bed for fringe dwellers, a place for soldiers to drink and play, and the area most renowned for prostitution in HK.

Amidst all of this gritty and beautiful history MG took over a meandering pathway and curious, hidden spaces found in the back of Wan Chai and featured even more international and local artists – Hong Kong’s overwhelming environment of largess and extravagance was contrasted against these tiny expressions of change.

With increased tours and amount of artworks, MG and VeryHK saw thousands of people pass through and (hopefully!) have their day altered in a micro way.

Starting at Moon St, Wan Chai


How to Engage with MG

Option 1 – Begin in the lane way between Sun St and Moon St and see if you can discover all the micro offerings yourself or,

Option 2 – Scan the QR code and load up onto your device a map that leads you through the laneways to the works or,

Option 3 – Join one of the night-time led tours.


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