Bundle of Hope (02/02)


Tri Haryoko Adi (Indonesia)

Upcycled Fabric, Yarn, Ink - Hanging Installation

30cm x 30cm

ARTIST STATEMENT: During the pandemic, I found myself with ample time to explore and repurpose items lying dormant in my home. I embarked on a journey of creativity, and it dawned upon me as I discovered the immense potential for artistic expression with whatever materials were at my disposal. By embracing the ethos of repurposing and creating with whatever we have, we not only breathe new life into forgotten objects but also foster a culture of ingenuity and resilience.

Known as Uncle Joy, likes to draw and doodle, create murals and uses abstract painting to express his visual journey. He also creates sculpture from waste products found in his house, like plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper, and fabric.