Showroom φ-33.416704, λ 151.289193, 2013 (2/3)


Rhiannon Hopley (Australia)

Digital Colour Photographic Print (01/03)

400mm x 600mm


Sulo, Showroom and For Lease are part of my ‘Discovering Locations’ series, which explores the relationship between nature, the urban landscape and the human condition. Through the allure and otherworldliness of twilight and darkness, the works from this series evoke questions about the past and our present relationship with these sites of memory while also drawing attention to the peaceful beauty of the too-often lost stories these places hold. Each work is titled with a name but also given the geographical coordinates of the location. This embeds a sense of place in the world, more literally, while I also hope to encourage others to go out and seek, to explore the world around them and to look at their surroundings in a new and or different light."

Based in Sydney, Australia, Rhiannon Hopley is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the interconnected themes of placemaking, identity and the relationship between nature, the urban landscape, and the human condition, through photography, moving image, projection and installation. Recipient of the 2013 Gosford Art Prize in photography and commended in 2015, she's been a finalist in prestigious awards like Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Ballarat International Foto Biennale, Percival Photographic Portrait Prize, and The Alice Prize. Rhiannon’s work has been shown at international art fairs and exhibitions across 18 countries. Her pieces are held in collections worldwide, including The National Library of Australia and private collections in Australia, Canada, USA, and France.