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Buy original art from some of the most unique and unexpected places.

(Note: this shop is being slowly populated over the upcoming week and scheduled to be finalised by 12 June)

This is MG's online store of unique artworks from around the globe, as well as merch, prints, publications, art-fuelled home accessories and a few of our bespoke creative services.

Every artist on here has worked closely with Micro Galleries.

This is a careful curation of cool stuff, with profits going towards Micro Galleries' free programs!All proceeds go towards supporting artists and communities via our free programs.

So really, it's Art For Good...and for you!
I would never have found this piece. It's from an incredible artist in Yogjakarta. The work is unique, and stunning.
So really, it's Art For Good...and for you! Carefully selected artworks by some of the world's most unique creatives. All of these artists are closely connected to Micro Galleries, work consistently for the good of their communities and environment, and deserve wild global support. The artists range from emerging to professional, from Chiang Mai to the Bronx.

Get them on your wall, now!
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More products
MG Merch

We have a handful of incredible art smacked onto cool things you can hang, wear, sip from or slip into.

Put more art on and around you.

Sometimes we like to write about things or give you great resources to download. This can be in the form of a Zine, a design, an activity, an educational resource.

We happen to be a talented ol' bunch and we use our creative arts super powers to elevate your business, ideas, side-hustles and start-ups.

Micro Galleries is your secret creative power.
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Photo credits: designmilk, decor8 holly, Haldane Martin, Lauren Manning

All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.