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Welcome to our creative clinic where we develop innovative, creative solutions to local and global issues. Pick the kind of change you want to fire up...


Our annual program of creative disruptions, interventions and initiatives aims to make art accessible to people who need it the most, using art to make positive social, environmental and political change.

Micro Galleries are (secret) creative agents offers who facilitate positive interventions in public spaces for your CSR, as well as presenters, facilitators and speakers.
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About us
Micro Galleries is a socially conscious global arts initiative, social impact project and virtual creative hub that uses art as a vehicle to generate small injections of positive change into your life, others lives, and the world. Think of us as creative clinic where we empower, and develop innovative, creative solutions to local and global issues

We make change possible through dynamic interventions in public and virtual spaces, workshops, art tours, symposiums, think tanks, creative residencies, or simply through bringing our artists' inventions and work into your lives to make them a little better and a lot brighter.

Our People Are a Little Bit Awesome
A group of creative minds from around the world.
Kat Roma Greer
Artistic Director / Hong Kong
Kat is an urban disruptor and creator of public art interventions that focus on positive social change. She is writer and curator for women-identifying initiative, Urban Nasty, Advisor for United Sketches, and was named as one of Australia's 100 Women of Influence for Culture. Kat has recently returned from the prestigious The Arctic Circle Residency where she continued her research and activations on climate disruption art and the role of artists in this vital issue.

Artistic Associate / Australia
Sarah has now been in the creative art space for over 15 years. She has held international solo and group shows in China, USA, Nepal and Indonesia, and has been regularly featured in Australian art shows. Sarah is currently a Sessional Academic at the Queensland University of Technology teaching in the Creative Industries Department.
Artistic Associate / Italy
Olga is the founder and manager of the creative business Eltyburon and the art project Ollla at Work. She is fascinated by the potential of simple ideas and actions, and how they can subtly intersect in people' s everyday life/reality. Olga is involved in European as well as international projects. She lives in Italy, where she is fighting for a more sustainable and peaceful way of living.
Artistic Associate / Nepal
Helena Asha Knox is a researcher on transculturalism and cultural (re-)negotiations with the focus on power analysis, intersectionality, Critical Whiteness and deconstruction. She is the founder and main curator of Kaalo.101, an independent and anti-commercial art space in Patan, Kathmandu.
Artistic Associate / The Netherlands
Janneke creates and curates participatory collaborative experiences through art, community and human interaction. She is addicted to unconventional ways of connecting art, audiences and exhibition-making in alternative spaces. (The Netherlands)
Global Head of Visual Narrative
Lara is an intrepid documentary photographer-of-life on planet Earth. Making the world a better place with a camera and a lot of hope, she's known for her ninja-style antics to get the candid shots that show real feelings and unexpected moments. She is a feminist, mother, and change-maker. She has a contagious enthusiasm to make good things happen in any context – from making lanterns on a tarp in Kathmandu to photographing with a parrot on her shoulder.
Global Director of Videography
Sabrina Dangol is a freelance photographer/videographer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She uses visual media as the medium of storytelling. Her work mostly comprises of documentary photography, photo stories, and street photography.
Crystal Lapointe
Grants Research and Development Strategy
A rally car driver in a previous life, Crystal operates best when in top gear. she can create order from chaos and simply does not do the night before. Crystal completed a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Communication Design) in 2011 at the Queensland University of Technology, She dreams of creating positive social and environmental impact.
These are the cool things happening right now...
Project / Forward: 2047
To end 2020, we are sprinkling a little salt bae into the creative realm with our festival this year: Project / Forward: 2047. A weekend-long global projection art festival featured in Kenya, Nepal, Colombia, Indonesia, Peru and Jordan, and being echoed in Hong Kong, Austria, Italy, Spain and Australia. Over 45 artworks from across the world will be beamed onto unexpected spaces in places we need to be in the spotlight, proving that not only will COVID not stop us from creating, it's giving us the fuel to create the world we want.
Lift. Mentorship Program
Lift. is a free global mentorship program for community / socially engaged emerging artists and cultural change-makers. Being an arts + cultural change-maker can be one of the most profoundly amazing creative paths – but we know it can also be exhausting, challenging and lonely breaking boundaries. This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls, extend your practice, and formulate ideas that have resonance.
SPHERE / It Came And It Happened

SPHERE evokes a new world and shape for artworks. The Micro Galleries International Artist Collective members are the guest curators, re-framing and re-envisioning artworks from their peers in the Collective, to give them a unique focus, intent and purpose within the larger fabric of our world-wide Collective and the global issues we face.

SPHERE will feature three exhibitions curated by Adam Kuby (USA), Valeriana (Colombia), and Wilson Muratha (Kenya).

See the 4 minute highlights reel from Wilson Muratha's exhibition: It Came And It Happened

Creative Lead: Rachel Honnery
It Came And It Happened / 4 min highlight reel
Exhibition Curated By Wilson Muratha
There's only so much crisis we can all take in one day! Ammiright!? One thing this world needs right now is some color, some life, some je ne sais quoi! that you all know, only the team at Micro Galleries can bring in small bucket-loads. So...WE MADE A COLORING BOOK!

This book will make you think, question, color, STAY SANE, and best of all – help communities in need by bringing art, enquiry and color into the lives of people who need it the most.

MG International Artists Coloring Book
30 of our artists from around the world in one spiffy book ready for you to color!
What We Do That Makes A Big Difference...
We know no one can bridge gaps, and create innovative solutions like an artist, and we have a global community of them!
We Roam and Surpass Boundaries
We go anywhere there's a need and do not remain in the same place. We surpass geographical, economic, political and cultural boundaries to act as positive change catalysts, using art to transform communities, minds, and lives.
We Know the Unique Places and People
We are on-the-ground meeting people, artists, and community in the most interesting, and unusual places in the world. Which means we have forged pathways and possibilities in unique and hard to access places.
The Most Vulnerable, Are the Most Important
We bring creativity and opportunity to the least served communities and sectors in the world.
Little Statements About Us
[MG] demonstrated exceptional vision on the transformative power of the arts and how the arts could be implements in Kathmandu Valley.
Christian Manhart, UNESCO
No one can lose when you connect us with the rest of the world. I have achieved that through Micro Galleries and Kat, and my community is grateful. Community members are still talking about you!"

Thamisanqa Sjila
South Africa, Langa Township
While collaborating with other female artists at Urban Paradise Gallery, it was my first time discussing art and collaborating with people from outside my country, something that can not be forgotten. Especially the way women convey their ideas. I became very inspired by the way they work and spoke, which is still rare among female artists in Indonesia
NurNus, Ladies on Wall
The project brought together diverse groups in our community: generational, cultural and socioeconomic. It all seems to bring together different segments of the community such as business, residents, council and creating industries, all working together for free public art. This initiative demonstrates how affective art can be in bringing life, creativity and enthusiasm to a business centre that has elements of despair, empty shops and concerns about retail trading.

Ann Sudmalis, MP Federal Member for Gilmore
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