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Not everyone has access to arts funding, a fair paying job, or that Mastercard.

Micro Galleries facilitates a range of virtual connections, knowledge-sharing and activations so ensure that creative expression is accessible, and decentralised.

So, when COVID hit, we were ready.

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Whilst huddled in our homes, we can connect with neighbours, passers-by and the world through placing words in our windows. These can be messages of resilience and hope, poetry exploring our lived experience through COVID, or plots, plans and pondering for a better future post-pandemic.
An online talk and Q & A from 5 of our MG International Artist Collective.The artists will explore the concept of Creating With Uncertainty, and will involve the artist sharing their practice and lived experience during this time
A global callout for creatives to make small art cards/postcards using their practice, with messages of thanks, gratitude and resilience to healthcare workers and providers in their communities and those in vulnerable spaces.
MG International Artist Collective members curate virtual exhibitions from works by our Collective.
Micro Galleries International Artist Collective partner up with another Collective member from a different country, culture, practice and purpose, to create new work for you.
MG International Artist Collective members were selected to mentor emerging creative change makers.
If what you see here tickles your creative tootsies, let us know what public program you're interested in and we will let you know as soon as program details are released.
Our 2020 program was possible thanks to the amazing...
11-13 DECEMBER, 2020
"The future is up for grabs. It belongs to any and all who will take the risk and accept the responsibility of consciously creating the future they want."
Robert Anton Wilson

Don't worry! We've sorted it all! We've put the artists in charge.
I know you'll be shocked to hear but as it turns out, governments haven't been doing a great job of managing our collective future.

Say whaaaat!?

As our environment, political structures and sense of human rights shows the stress fractures, we desperately need new solutions to global challenges. We need innovative diverse minds contributing to inventive planning and possibilities; AAAND, we know 45 of them!

To end 2020, we sprinkled a little salt bae into the creative realm with our annual festival this year. 32 MG artists, 13 incredible guest artists, over 10 new commissioned works, 3 nights, 12 locations, 50 mins of art works, 50 million hours on Zoom = Project / Forward: 2047

The artists' challenge? They are the new global leaders creating the blueprint for 2047. Like Indiana Jones if he had wifi, they braved the wilds of possibility and explored ideas about what values people will have, how will they spend their time, what the cultural landscape looks like, what we will do all day, what our connection to environment is, how we will live and how can we learn from this year? Basically, if we could plan the future, what would it look like?

If you don't have the world you want, create it.

And who better to start to imagine this for us all than artists? They are imagineers who can build a better tomorrow, forging possibility and alternatives, where no one believes there is any.

Contact us to have a screening in your community.

This program was made possible thanks to Jason Stephenson.
Festival Schedule
Six Featured Host locations, led by some of the world's most dynamic cultural leaders, and supported by six Supporting Host locations around the world.

All times are in local times.
10 DEC / 4PM - 5PM
10 DEC / 4PM - 5PM
East Amman, Jordan
EARLY SCREENING / Jordan- Amman- Al Natheaf
FEATURED HOST: Led by MG's Raghad Rasras, this incredible woman is incorporating live performance into the projection festival. 6 people from a different neighbourhoods, city, background, mindsets, who have never met before will sit on chairs in pairs and will start a conversation about their envision of 2047 within two minutes max. This conversation will be amplified to the community and recorded. Projection AND performance.
11 DEC / 5:00PM - 7:00PM
11 DEC / 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Sydney, Australia
3 Joynton Ave, Zetland, NSW 2017 - behind Joynton Avenue Creative Centre in Matron Ruby Grant Park.
SUPPORTING HOST: Led by one of our Creative Leads, Rhiannon Hopley, it's the Sydney warehouse scene that will be blasted with brightness. Honoured to be on Gadigal land and partnering with 107, to project onto Joynton Avenue Creative Centre.
11 - 12 DEC / 7PM - 10PM
11 - 12 DEC / 7PM - 10PM
Central Java, Indonesia
Pojoksari, Ambarawa, Jawa Tengah
FEATURED HOST: Our project is part of the upcoming program, Crash !! (Creativity Art and Sharing) Vol. 1, led by Cutnotslices and collaborating with Kumpaw and Wild Pressure, Crash !! Vol. 1 is a forum for exchanging and sharing creative enthusiasm with all, both among residents and artists. This program will involve 3 speakers and a silkscreen workshop, 56 local and international artists in the 2047 screening project, and 28 artists who will immediately carve their works in graffiti jamming. All of these programs are publicly accessible, FREE, and will be done in a COVID-aware and safe way.
11 - 12 DEC / 6PM - 8PM
11 - 12 DEC / 6PM - 8PM
Patan, Nepal
Patan Durbar Square, Patan, Lalitpur
FEATURED HOST: Led by MG's Artistic Associate Helena Aha Knox from Kaalo.101, these works will be projected into Patan Durbar Square with locally commissioned works and loads of temple vibes.
11 - 13 DEC / 5pm - 10pm
11 - 13 DEC / 5pm - 10pm
Padua, Italy
Piazza Alcide De Gasperi, 35131 Padova
SUPPORTING HOST: Led by MG's Olga Trevisan, a huge building hidden from the main streets will be light up with projections from around the world. The three days event will bring to Padova international artists and give to the neighbourhood shiny lights to look up! The festival is included in the project "Arti di Vicinato" promoted by Area Creatività Ufficio Progetto Giovani di Padova
11 DEC / 5:30PM - 6:30PM
11 DEC / 5:30PM - 6:30PM
Graz, Austria
Base Verein: Dreihackengasse 32.
SUPPORTING HOST: We are back with our friends at Base Verein Graz, and led by one of our Creative Leads, Brian Luque Marcos. Europe is feeling the rigidity of lockdown right now so this will be small, cosy and open-air.
11 - 12 DEC / 7PM - 10PM
11 - 12 DEC / 7PM - 10PM
Bogota, Colombia
Avenida Caracas con Calle 63 , Bogota
FEATURED HOST: Led by MG's Valeriana in partnership with Diana Ojeda from Street Dente, a street gallery and projection collective, these women are taking over a small section Bogota by projecting visions for 2047 onto a massive wall on a huge feeder street. Keeping it COVID-Safe by beaming from the rooftops, plus featuring local artists and a special commission, Bogota is going big.
11 DEC / 6PM - 7PM
11 DEC / 6PM - 7PM
Texas, USA
Ramsey Park, 4301 Rosedale Ave, Austin, TX
SUPPORTING HOST: Led by MG's Janna Sammon - this Texan is bringing light and hope to somewhere that really needs it right now. Overwhelmed by COVID and political turmoil, it's time for us to cheer on a more hopeful USA! And what better place than a beautiful local park!
11 - 13 DEC / 7:30PM - 8:30PM
11 - 13 DEC / 7:30PM - 8:30PM
Nairoibi, Kenya
Wangige Egg Market. Mwimuto Rd, Wangige, Kenya
FEATURED HOST: Led by MG's Wilson Muratha, you will need to get guerilla-style to catch him. He's fully-mobile with a pocket projector and will be hitting markets, beaches, anywhere people are safely hanging out - but we know he will kick off at the Egg Market!
11-12 DEC / 7.15PM - 9.30PM
11-12 DEC / 7.15PM - 9.30PM
Chachapoyas, Peru
Chachapoyas, Peru
FEATURED HOST: Led by MG's Claudia Maria Calderon, in partnership with the astounding Jucsay from SEQES who work to create ties and exchange knowledge and tools, making everyone part of the community, interacting between different cities, decentralizing art, using it as a transport engine to exchange knowledge. Beaming across rooftops with local work included!
12 DEC / 8PM - 5PM
12 DEC / 8PM - 5PM
St Peters, Australia
9 Applebee Street, St Peters, NSW 2044 / Behind Tortuga Studios (31 Princes Hwy, St Peters)
SUPPORTING HOSTS: Led by one of our Creative Leads, Rhiannon Hopley this event is keeping it little in the laneway, but laneways and warehouses - which are something the Inner West of Sydney does best! And right behind the amazing Tortuga Studios!
12 DEC / 6PM - 8PM
12 DEC / 6PM - 8PM
Barcelona, Spain
Can Batlló, C/ Constitució 19, Auditori
SUPPORTING HOST: Led by MG's Debra Espinosa, you will catch the entire projected program at Can Batlló! The Can Batlló Platform is for the neighborhood and to facilitate a transformation to become a green area and provide facilities for the community. What better place to image a better future!?
Lantau, Hong Kong
Silvemine Mine Beach, Mui Wo, Hong Kong
SUPPORTING HOST: Led by MG's Artistic Director, Kat Roma Greer, this project is coming all the way back to where it all started 8 years ago - HONG KONG! Sadly due to extremely sudden and rigid COVID restrictions, this event has been postponed.
3 virtual exhibitions, curated from 3 MG International Collective, drawing work from their peers in the Collective.
SPHERE evokes a new world and shape for artworks. The Micro Galleries International Artist Collective members are the guest curators, re-framing and re-envisioning artworks from their peers in the Collective, to give them a unique focus, intent and purpose within the larger fabric of our world-wide Collective and the global issues we face.

SPHERE will feature three exhibitions curated by Adam Kuby (USA), Valeriana (Colombia), and Wilson Muratha (Kenya).

Creative Lead: Rachel Honnery

This program was made possible thanks to Jason Stephenson.

The Other, throughout human history until now, has been the one outside of the agreed social norm. You are Other if you are any variation be it your gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, economic status, or ideology. We are in a time where the old structures that protected this norm, are crumbling. The voices of the Other are emerging, and now Otherness is a fertile ground for new discussions, and new ideas about the current system, and what we want humanity to become. Delve into this virtual exhibition that explores how MG artists are embracing and pushing the boundaries of Otherness to create something new, diverse and powerful.

Curator: Valeriana (Colombia)
Check Out "Otherness" Exhibition Now!
Paukwa-Pakawa. It Came And It Happened.
"Nobody lacks a story, some are funny, others are sad. The journey is long we encounter a lot in our path,
bad days are brightened by good times, unforgettable memories. It all comes to an ending with: 'I lived', but the sweetness of the story is how it starts - Paukwa-Pakawa."

"It came and it happened", is a translation for the Swahili phrase Paukwa Pakawa used to begin stories. This exhibition uses artists from the Micro Galleries International Artist Collective to tell personal stories of dreams, hopes and life. The artworks displayed in this exhibition blur the lines between the past, present and future. How we leave traces of our existence on earth and on one another, and how that imprint creates our narratives, understanding of history, and visions for the future.

It Came and it Happened.

Curator: Wilson Muratha (Kenya)

Click the video below for the 4 min highlight reel, or...
Check Out It Came And It Happened Exhibition Now!
Against the Odds
That life itself gained a foothold on Earth within such a vast universe is already an "Against the Odds" story—and likely the biggest of all. So it's not surprising that all organisms on earth are hard-wired to survive and thrive whatever the obstacles. Do we all contain that initial impulse that the first life forms held? Does it exist in each of us? I think so.

This online exhibition features work from MG Collective Artists that bring us closer to those that are that are fighting to survive and thrive despite whole systems and forces working against them—be they humans or other species we share the planet with.

Through their imagery, the processes they use to create, or their strategic on-site interventions, the pieces gathered here give a window into the ecologies of privilege and access that so many are forced to deal with—or that other species have to navigate on our human- dominated planet.

Being an artist is also a feat of determination, whatever privileges one did or didn't have, in a world that prioritizes profit over spirit. How closely linked is the urge to create with the urge to survive? Are they even separate? The street artists, rad designers, artivists, public artists, and out-of-the-boxers of the Micro Galleries International Artist Collective have each found scrappy ways to carve out their niche, to make work, engage with the wider world, and hopefully make a buck. Against the odds.

Curator: Adam Kuby

Click the video below for the 4 min highlight reel.

November 2020 - February 2021
Lifting up Change-Makers and Creatives Who Want to Make Social Waves With Art
Lift. Mentorship
Lift. is a free global mentorship program for community / socially engaged emerging artists and cultural change-makers. Being an arts + cultural change-maker can be one of the most profoundly amazing creative paths – but we know it can also be exhausting, challenging and lonely breaking boundaries. This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls, extend your practice, and formulate ideas that have resonance.

We believe that art is a powerful force for positive change. We are an artist collective and cultural hub that acts, disrupts, and transforms in unexpected places and ways. We want to share these skills with those who want to make an impact, using art as a vehicle for positive change in their community.

2 x Micro Galleries International Collective artists have selected 2 x mentees to lift. to somewhere new.

This program was made possible thanks to Jason Stephenson.

The Mentors
Our dedicated, experienced and dynamic artists waiting to lift. someone up through knowledge-sharing, encouragement, and passing on hard-earned skills.
  • Ben Taranto
    Language: English

    Ben is a sculpture and installation artist who works with minimalism, conceptual art and land art/earth works.

  • Debra Espinosa
    Language: English and Spanish

    Debra is a street artist, illustrator and photographer who believes that apocalyptic times call for post-apocalyptic measures and solutions.

  • Valeriana / Creative Consult.
    Language: English and Spanish

    A street artist, designer and feminist Latina, Valeriana is currently creating social impact projects.

The Mentees
Two incredible people fixing on their rocket boots and ready to rise.
  • Natalie Alexandrova
    Working with Ben Taranto
    Hi, I'm Natalie Alexandrova and I am a part of the new generation. I focus my creative energy in performance art, taking inspiration from alternative theatre, independent cinema and music. I am from Sofia, Bulgaria where I was a part of an alternative theater company and moved to Barcelona to study contemporary dance and art in Institut del Teatre (class of 2020). My creative journey has taken me to London, where I currently live. I believe in art as a vehicle to transform our society and I take special interest in environmental issues and helping our Mama Earth.
  • Marx Fidel
    Working with Debra Espinosa
    Marx Fidel, a visual artist based in Manila, Philippines, aims to deliver seemingly small, yet extra-ordinary stories through his narrative-driven illustrations, photographs, and other works of art.

    Socio-politically charged and driven, he is also an artist-activist who constantly tries to challenge his environment's current social and political status quo through his editorial works, exposing and commenting on the many issues his countrymen and fellow colleagues are dangerously facing.

    Also, his favorite catchphrase is "mula sa kalawakan" literally translated to "from space", because, like anything from space, he believes remarkable stories can come from anywhere.

1 - 15 July, 2020
An injection of global applause and creative thanks to anyone holding together the frontline for us.
The Exhibition
This is your ultimate 15 min art exhibition experience – no lines, no gift shop, just your piping hot coffee, comfy chair and original post-card size artworks made by creatives all over the world, presented directly to you. It is an injection of positivity, generosity and kindness from artists to lift you out of the COVID-haze and into the realm of health care heroes.

Art Cards For Health Carers was a one month project throughout August, 2020. Micro Galleries called out to artists around the world to create an original artwork to send to someone on the front line of COVID-19 care. It's a small gift from our industry to theirs, to say we see you, and thank you for protecting and helping us all.

We are going to guide you through our ethereal exhibition space and if you're not running out to buy scrubs that double as capes by the end of this, then your coffee is on us!
18 - 24 MAY, 2020
Words in Windows
A micro injection of words of hope, resilience and new ideas for a post-COVID world
The Exhibition
How do you make a blueprint for the future whilst you're huddled down at home surviving 2020? Get a global community of creatives to plot and plan and write it out...on their windows! Words in Windows is an open, global initiative by Micro Galleries. We put out the call for creatives from across the globe to place our ideas, poetry, positive protest, message of love, hope, resilience, questions, imaginings for a post-COVID society in windows for friends, family, neighbours – anyone!

The idea is that no matter how small our audience, how tiny the window, how small the impact, we litter our windows with words that make our buildings artworks, inject something wonderful into the lives of passers-by, and build a new literary narrative for the future. Our only requirement is that it is a positive contribution to our community.For one week in July 2020, creative souls who care - from Nairobi to Jakarta to Hong Kong to Sydney - wrote their messages out for the world to respond to, and we have brought them all together in a collection here for you.

If you get fuelled up and sparkly levels of inspired to make your own, please tag us! #MicroGalleries #WordsinWindows
Check Out The Words In Windows Exhibition Now!
20 May, 2020
COVIDx Talks
An online talk and Q & A from 5 of our MG International Artist Collective.
Creating With Uncertainty
A Two-Hour TEDx/Pecha Kucha-style talk.
What is uncertainty, and the reciprocity between an artist and the unknown? A two-hour series of presentations, where five of our MG International Artist Collective explored how they are creating with uncertainty in these crazy times. They delved into their practices, lived experience and diverse cultural reality in order to unpack how their creative and personal identity is intertwined or removed from the concept of uncertainty, how the uncertain picture of today and tomorrow informs their practice, and the optimism of uncertainty and generating opportunity through foraging for the new
Line Up / GMT+8
Designer and Educator / USA
An artist who uses design as a strategy for creation. A designer who brings artistic methods to her solutions.

20:05 – 20:25
Visual Artist / Spain
Visual artist based in Madrid who is interested in changes, movement, and the relationship between people and the environment.
20:25 – 20:45
Urban Artist / Australia
An urban artist who creates colourful, emotive, layered work. Inspired by the female form, typography, and colour, Sarah mixes these elements to create vibrant murals, over-sized canvas artworks and street posters.
20:45 - 21:05
Collage Artist and Designer / USA
A collage artist taking his art from galleries to the streets using wheatpaste to reach untapped audiences in his community.
21:05 - 21:25
Artist and Activist / Australia
Ben makes monuments of, and memorials to nature as we watch it (and capture it in high definition) disappearing before our eyes.
21:25 - 21:45
Q & A
We will open the floor to any further questions you might have for our artists.
21:45 - 22:00
Meena Khalili / Creating With Uncertainty
Taquen / Creating With Uncertainty
Sarah Sculley / Creating With Uncertainty
Dakarai Akil / Creating With Uncertainty
Ben Tee / Creating With Uncertainty
COVIDx Talk: Creating With Uncertainty / Full Session with Q&A
June - July, 2020
Micro Class
An online talk and Q & A from 5 of our MG International Artist Collective.