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Here are our latest call outs
Are you a moving image artist and you would be interested in possibly having your work in Project / Forward: 2049 on 23-24 February, 2024, and beyond.

Until 10 January, 2024 we are accepting submissions from moving image creatives who would like their work to be part of our micro moving image festival.
Join Micro Galleries in bringing art to unique, unexpected, and under-served places worldwide with Project/Forward!

If you have a projector, some kind of small speaker and a place in your community you would love to revitalise with art, click and apply!
If you're keen to get involved in a grassroots movement that centres community, solutions-based, visionary change through creativity - then say hi! We can use whatever skills you have to make more impact. Tech, design, marketing, dog grooming - there's always more hands on deck needed for forward-looking creative plans.
If what you see here tickles your creative tootsies, and you want to get involved, let us know what skills you can bring to the table - we will be in touch!