outcome from the good lab initiative


This initiative is an outcome from The Good Lab. It is intended to address a significant challenge faced by a community using creativity and innovative ideas to contribute to the solution in a small, but meaningful way.

This is it.
The Problem
The plight of displaced peoples in Chiang Mai reflects a multifaceted problem that encompasses forced migration, loss of community, and the erosion of basic human rights. Many individuals and families find themselves uprooted from their homes and communities due to ongoing conflicts and persecution in neighbouring Myanmar. Upon relocating to the city, they often face the harsh reality of becoming "no-place" entities, marginalised and forgotten in the urban landscape. One of the most profound challenges faced by displaced peoples in Chiang Mai is the loss of agency and the inability to express themselves safely. Stripped of their voice and identity, they are silenced by systemic barriers and societal indifference, further exacerbating their sense of isolation and invisibility.

They are forgotten. They are silenced. They feel powerless.

Our Solution
We have created a new borderless online and offline community called Displaced Nation.

Displaced Nation has it's own flag, and it's own open community online to raise awareness, and provide a platform of creative expression to Displaced Peoples.

By breaking down physical borders and fostering virtual worldwide communities of shared experience, we aim to combat the isolation and invisibility experienced by displaced peoples, allowing them to reclaim their agency and voice in the digital realm.

In addition to our online community, Displaced Nation is committed to increasing awareness and visibility of displaced issues through featuring the creation of a vibrant network of creative happenings and events in communities around the world. Through partnerships with local artists, activists, and organisations, we feature dynamic exhibitions, performances, and workshops under the flag of Displaced Nation, that amplify the voices and experiences of displaced peoples, sparking dialogue and fostering empathy among diverse audiences.
Free Public Events
We have created a series of free public happenings for you. Join us in Chiang Mai from 23-24 February!


Join our Instagram @the.displacednation.
We are kicking off our virtial home - a micro creative intervention space for collective place-making and solidarity.

Displaced Nation Flag Making
Saturday 24 February
12pm - 2pm: Flag Making Workshop // Free
Wat Chomphu, Chang Moi

Join us at our The Good Lab happening at Wat Chomphu and make your own Displaced Nation Flag!

Faces of the Displaced
Friday 23 February
6pm - 8pm: Thapae East, Wall next to Brewginning // Free

See Faces of the Displaced portraiture series, inspired by the Inside Out Project. In partnership with Newburma, this stunning black and white series will appear at three locations around the city - and you can visit them any time.

To get presence with punch, check them out from 6pm - 8pm (according to the schedule in the event) where the team will be live painting and projection mapping on the images, deepening their resonance and electrifying their personalities.
Displaced Projections
Friday 23 February
8pm-10pm // Free
Chiang Mai

Our team will be mobile, moving throughout the old city to projection map the lived experience of Displaced People and imprint it onto the very place they find themselves forging a life and cradling hope within. Catch us moving throughout the city, finding places and spaces to beam - just like many of the subjects of our project.

Friday 23 February
8pm-10pm // Free
Chiang Mai

Lulla-bike is a creative social innovation that we created with displaced people in mind. Our inspiration comes from the lullaby songs from our home countries. We share the collective feeling that lullabies can connect our nostalgia, longing for home, childhood, and memories.

This auditory memory connects us to everyone – wherever they are from in the world. To spread it all around the city, we choose to cycle around along urban alleys, crannies, and pavements at a slow speed. Through this, people can hear the lullaby clearly, and tenderly. The mechanic that we created is a manual speaker in 3D printed work with a music box that we could change to any song. Every pedal prompts every note.

Find us around the city and listen with us.

The Good Lab Creatives
Here are our Displaced Peoples Group that have made this initiative happen
  • Kristine Buenavista / PHIL
    Writer / Cultural Leader
    Kristine Buenavista is a rural-based Writer and Cultural Leader from Barotac Viejo, Iloilo, Philippines. Tin has two decades of experience designing and initiating local and community-forward projects.
  • Setthasiri Chanjaradpong (Syy) / TH
    Filmmaker / Media Artist
    Chiang Mai-based artist Setthasiri Chanjaradpong crafts documentaries and media art. His film "Mother and Me" shone at the 27th Thai Short Film Festival, while his collaboration with B-Floor Theatre, "I Say Mingalaba You Say Goodbye," premiered at Kyoto Experiment Festival 2022. Setthasiri co-organized "Bring Your Own Beamers" in Bangkok and is part of artist collective tomorrow.lab, creators of the "Midnight Rice Festival," a contemporary temple fair since 2023.
  • Daniel Day Long / USA - CBDA
    Projection Mapper
    Daniel is a visual artist, making installations and designing atmospheres for event spaces; with his stage designs and projection lighting. He's roamed the streets of South East Asia for the past 13 years and likes to mingle in the Music and Art scenes, creating melting pots of events that combines both medians.
  • Luis German Gomez / COL
    Photography and Creator
    Luigerman is a creator, artist and photographer from Cucuta. He has taken his work to different cultures, participating in artistic projects that allow communities to express themselves and be architects of changes in their spaces, environments and dynamics. He works on the initiative: the Inside Out project
  • Tri Haryoko Adi / IND
    Street Artist and Painter
    Known as Uncle Joy, likes to draw and doodle, create murals and uses abstract painting to express his visual journey. He also creates sculpture from waste products found in his house, like plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper, and fabric.
  • Krai Sridee / TH
    Performative Video Mapping Artist
    Krai's work focuses on exploring social change through time, currents, people, personal experiences and various overlapping events. Studying at Fine Arts Chiang Mai University, Krai co-founded the Chiang mai performance art group that drives political issues and push the boundaries of art in society.