outcome from the good lab initiative


This initiative is an outcome from The Good Lab. It is intended to address a significant challenge faced by a community using creativity and innovative ideas to contribute to the solution in a small, but meaningful way.

This is it.
The Problem
Chiang Mai, as a microcosm of the world, faces stagnant societal progress in making real and meaningful change towards preserving our environment and limiting climate disruption. At the literal fire-front of the Burning Season, Chiang Mai transforms into one of the most polluted places on earth. Despite several incredible organisations such as Lanner, ART for AIR and efforts by local activists and community organisers, it is easy for many of the younger generations to feel helpless and hopeless with so little evidence of change and so few roadmaps of how the future could be different. Many young people may feel disconnected from their potential to enact change, leading to apathy and complacency.

Our Solution
Educating, motivating, and inspiring the youth of Chiang Mai is pivotal in catalysing meaningful change and fostering a progressive society. By providing them with creative means of expressing themselves on this issue and visualising solutions, actions and better futures, we empower them to become informed, engaged citizens who demand, and enact, change.

By connecting them with creative explorations, platforms to creative express themselves, and information on this issue, we can motivate, inspire and ignite a sense of agency. As they grow into leaders and decision-makers, their collective actions ripple through society, creating a ripple effect that can lead to transformative change.

We have created an open-source 11/7 Station that provide clean air, a calming environment, and information and engagement in fun an creative ways on this subject.

We are capturing their connection to nature, their ideas for solutions, their thoughts and hopes on this issue and demonstrating how these can transform into public information and inspiration.

We are curating the collective dreams and hopes of the community via dynamic mural art, reclaiming a public space and transforming it into a source of environmental education and inspiration.
Free Public Events
We have created a series of free public events, workshops, happenings, live paintings, tours and resources for you. Join us in Chang Moi from 23-24 February!

11/7 Station: An Environmental Art and Community Space
Saturday 24 February // 10am - 2pm // Free!
Wat Chomphu, Chang Moi

We have built a 7eleven of the future! "Come in whenever you feel you need fresh air to breathe." Our 11/7 pop-up hub is a small green space in the city with art materials, workshops, conversations and a community gathering hub to foster collaboration and resting together from the heat and pollution.

We will have a collage workshop and a wheatpaste workshop where you get to put your creative inventions on our mural wall! lots of fun resources, and interactive creations where your hopes and dreams for Chang Moi, and Chiang Mai, are created and put in our accumulative installation.

A New Environment: Mural Wall and Walk
Friday 23 February // 11am - 5pm: Live Painting // Free

Saturday 24 February //
- 10am - 2pm: Community Painting and Collage on wall // Free
- 11am - 11.30am: Tour and explanation of the works in English and Thai // Free

Wat Chomphu, Chang Moi

Micro Galleries, together with tomorrow.lab, have reclaimed a lane in the Chang Moi community and are creating a remarkable transformation, symbolising the local community spirit and reverence for nature in Chang Moi. This vibrant collaborative mural artwork with contributions from 9 international and local artists, celebrates the rich tapestry of the Chang Moi community, intricately weaving together its cultural heritage, vibrant traditions, and profound connection to the natural world. It tells the story of the vital relationship between the people of Chang Moi and their surrounding environment - the memory of it, and the hopes of it for the future.

It serves as a visual reminder of the profound impact that nature has on the community's identity, livelihoods, and well-being

This initiative is a pilot! And the community of Chang Moi was kind enough to collaborate with us on this.

We now want to make it Open-Source so you too can create your own 11/7 Station with your school or community. Click the link to the Resources Page for our downloadable guide.

This is a community space focus on environmental art and conversations, where we turn a famous shop upside down! Rejecting its environmentally-damaging products to focus on local, use an air purifier and plants to welcome people for a break from the polluted atmosphere outside, use karma as our main currency and think-and-talk about our natural resources. Following a socially-engaged practice to involve the community, we want to create a movement to reclaim agency and bring creative solutions to the link of big food corporations and our planet's health!
The Good Lab Creatives
Here are our Environment Group that have made this initiative happen
  • Dakarai Akil / USA
    Collage Artist
    Dakarai's collages are compositions are windows into Afrosurrealism. He's self-published three art books that catalog works created between 2014 to 2021 and worked with brands like The New York Times, Postmates, Serato, Billboard Magazine, Primark.
  • Yuni Bening / IND
    Textile Artist
    Yuni lives in Indonesia, she is a textile artist, and the issues raised for Yuni her work are mostly about women, children, peace, and responding to climate situations that occur in the environment.
  • Marrz Capanang / PHIL
    Intuitive Artist
    Marrz's works resonate with intuition, endemic nature, cultural identity and personal spirituality. He is a painter, a convergence of classical and contemporary methods. He is currently focusing on oil paint as a medium.
  • Miguel Jeronimo / PORT - CBDA
    Photographer, Writer and Curator
    Miguel Jeronimo is a Portuguese photographer, curator, writer and artist living in Cambodia who has organised more than 60 exhibitions there — including solo and group shows on topics such as environment, social inequality, gender, disability and human rights.
  • Mandy Schoene-Salter / AU
    Mural and Public Artist
    Australia-based artist Mandy Schöne-Salter explores diverse mediums, including mural art and photography, leaving a global artistic impact.
  • Sarah Sculley / AU
    Street Artist and Creative Mentor
    Sarah Sculley is an urban artist who creates stencil works with a kick of colour and energy. Inspired by the female form, typography and colour, Sarah mixes these elements to create her work on canvas, paper, surfboards, walls and skate decks.
  • Satita Taratis (Mind) / TH
    Satita is a documentary photographer with a passion to tell stories about the relationship between humans and nature. Satita spends her free time delving into the knowledge self-reliant living, keeping in mind the fluctuating conditions of the world's climate. Through her photos, she shares the tale of hope, in harmony with the world.