a micro moving image festival


Creating a Blueprint For The Future
Micro Galleries' Project / Forward is a free micro moving image festival. This is an innovative initiative that brings art to unique, unexpected, and under-served places and communities across the globe.

The festival reimagines public spaces as canvases, transforming them into dynamic showcases for video art, animation, and digital storytelling. Artists from diverse backgrounds and regions contribute their work, creating a tapestry of perspectives and narratives that engage and captivate audiences.

3 global events

75 artists

20 countries

500K eyeballs

The Artist's Creative Challenge
Artists are now in charge.

You've been called up into an exclusive think-tank of creative thinkers and charged with designing the world as it will be in the year 2049.

Everyone knows artists can imagine better ideas, futures, solutions and possibilities where most can't envision them. Your job is to make these amazing possibilities and visions come to life.

How will people live? What will their values be? What will the environment look like? What do people do? What will be important? What would have worked?

You are writing the plan and creating the script, the images and the narrative for the future. Building on the past, on the data we have, on those who went before us to be brave enough to envision a different, better world – what will you create? This is not a moment to predict doom and post-apocalyptic ideas. It is a chance to build a better tomorrow, forging possibilities and alternatives, where no one believes there are any.

How it works
We Curate
Our creative team reach out to the world's best moving image artists, who donate their work for the Project / Forward global takeover.
We Callout for Hosts
We have a key featured site and callout for people around the world who would like to feature Project / Forward on the festival weekend.
Killer Package
Our stellar tech and creative team collate a stunning 20 - 45 min visual package that is sent around the world.
Select the Sites
Our hosts find interesting, unique, underutilised and accessible public space to feature the work. It could be a temple, a bin, a warehouse, a balcony.
Project / Forward Weekend
On the same weekend all around the world, our hosts screen our Project / Forward video package for free for communities
Project / Forward in Your Town
What if artists were in charge of planning the future?
If you're keen to host Project / Forward in your community, let us know.