outcome from the good lab initiative


This initiative is an outcome from The Good Lab. It is intended to address a significant challenge faced by a community using creativity and innovative ideas to contribute to the solution in a small, but meaningful way.

This is it.
The Problem
The failure to prioritise human-centric design and involve communities in urban development processes can result in significant challenges within cities like Chiang Mai. When public spaces are neglected by governments and corporate interests, urban sprawl and development occur without adequate consultation or input from the people who live there. This approach not only diminishes the sense of ownership and belonging within communities but also exacerbates issues such as traffic congestion, environmental degradation, and social inequality.

In Chiang Mai, where contemporary culture, cultural heritage and close-knit communities are integral to its identity, disregarding the voices of its residents in urban planning can lead to the erosion of local values and the sense of displacement of community members.

Our Solution
We want to embrace a more connected and participatory approach to developing urban spaces that centres the needs and aspirations of the very people the city is for. The voice and opinion of the people living in the city, in the communities, is essential for fostering sustainable growth and preserving and evolving the unique character of Chiang Mai.

Our process includes conversations and interviews with local residents, with the intent to capture the hopes and ideas from local children about what they want for the future. We will then reclaim a local laneway, creating a mural and installation space that represents the community's collective memories and dreams, exemplifying human-driven, community-centred urban planning.
Free Public Events
We have created a series of free public events, workshops, happenings, live paintings, tours and resources for you. Join us in Chang Moi from 23-24 February!

Talking with Chang Moi
Wednesday 21 - Friday 23 February
Chang Moi

Catch us walking and talking throughout Chang Moi, connecting with local community and capturing their collective stories, memories, and future hopes. If you see us, say hi! We would love to talk to you.

Your Space: Mural Wall and Walk
Friday 23 February // 11am - 5pm: Live Painting // Free

Saturday 24 February //
- 10am - 2pm: Community Accumulative Installation // Free
- 11.30am-12pm: Tour and explanation of the works in English and Thai // Free

Wot Chomphu // Chang Moi

Micro Galleries, together with tomorrow.lab, have reclaimed a lane in the Chang Moi community and are creating a remarkable transformation, creating a wall of symbols, stories and meaning generated by the local community. Created by artists from Chang Moi and around the world, the wall captures narratives of tradition, visions of how the local community wants their public space to be, and the resilient community spirit of Chang Moi.

All of the workshop outcomes from the local children will be installed and hung, creating a space of wonder, hope, and curiosity where once there was just discarded rubble and wire.
Saturday 24 February //
10am - 2pm: Your Space Workshops // Free
Wot Chomphu // Chang Moi

Join us at Wat Chomphu in Chang Moi for origami and stamp workshops, where you can create your own animal, imprint your own ideas and hopes for the future, and install them in your new Your Space laneway. All free - just turn up and get creative!
The Good Lab Creatives
Here are our Public Space Group that have made this initiative happen
  • Chun Tsung Lee / TAIWAN
    Tsung Lee is influenced by Japanese comic culture which he expresses through graffiti, illustration, comics, and has a street style full of personal characteristics.
  • Noel Epalan Jr. / PHIL
    Studio Painter, Printmaker, Muralist
    Noels' focus is on studio methodology, the associated traditions and philosophies, and the logistics and materials. His mediums include oil painting, site-specific mural paintings, and printmaking.

  • Rhiannon Hopley / AU
    Multidisciplinary Artist and Cultural Leader
    Rhiannon Hopley is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the interconnected themes of placemaking, identity and the relationship between nature, the urban landscape, and the human condition.
  • Brian Luque-Marcos / SPN - AUST
    Artist, Designer and Maker
    BrianLM is a spatial designer with special interest in hand crafts and modern production techniques. His works tend to use modern crafting techniques such as 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and CNC drilling to create materialised pieces that can be described as art, but also functional parts and useful objects for serial production.
  • Medialegal / IND
    Street Artist
    Isrol, also known as Medialegal, is an artist residing in Yogyakarta, actively contributing to the art scene since 2003. He utilises stencil art to address humanistic, social, and agrarian themes in murals, often employing a distinctive stencil technique for repetition in public spaces. Beyond street art, Isrol creates on canvas, art prints, and various materials like metal and wood.
  • Catherine O'Leary / AU
    Catherine loves messing with ideas, colour, light, shadows and running with lines to capture the lyrical poetry of life. One embodiment of this is her now-locally-infamous character, Bunny, who bounced to fame in our Micro Galleries, Nowra festival in 2016.
  • Wave Pongruengkiat
    / TH
    Interactive Artist
    Wave delves into the intersection of art and technology. Passionate about posthumanism, he explores its connection with animism and works closely with culture, seeking to bridge traditional wisdom with cutting-edge advancements in his artistic endeavours.
  • Nick Reale / USA - TH
    Tour Guide/Cartographer
    Nick is a multidisciplinary storyteller. He designs maps and guides tours to investigate personal relationships, urban areas, the environment, and our shared history. When necessary, his art also includes photography, film, illustration, and a really funny impression of an old Sicilian lady.