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Our Agenda
  • Art
    Make impactful art available to communities.
  • Artists
    Make enriching opportunities available to under-served artists.
  • Community
    Create solutions-based, innovative, visionary change for local challenges, that have global relevance.

We Are
A global team of artists, creatives and imagineers who dream up small-scale, innovative and creative solutions or experiences to local and global issues.

We are a socially conscious global arts initiative that uses art as a vehicle to generate solutions-based, visionary change in communities.

We do this through dynamic interventions in public and virtual spaces, workshops, art tours, symposiums, creative residencies - or simply through bringing our artists' inventions and work into your lives to make them a little better and a lot brighter.

What We Do That Makes A Big Difference...
We know no one can bridge gaps, and create innovative solutions like an artist, and we have a global community of them!
  • We Roam and Surpass Boundaries
    We go anywhere there's a need and do not remain in the same place. We surpass geographical, economic, political and cultural boundaries to act as positive change catalysts, using art to transform communities, minds, and lives.
  • We Know the Unique Places and People
    We are on-the-ground meeting people, artists, and community in the most interesting, and unusual places in the world. Which means we have forged pathways and possibilities in unique and hard to access places.
  • The Most Vulnerable, Are the Most Important
    We bring creativity and opportunity to the least served communities and sectors in the world.
Micro Galleries Cultural Manifesto
Download how we roll.
Little Statements About Us
  • [MG] demonstrated exceptional vision on the transformative power of the arts and how the arts could be implements in Kathmandu Valley.
    Christian Manhart, UNESCO
  • No one can lose when you connect us with the rest of the world. I have achieved that through Micro Galleries and Kat, and my community is grateful. Community members are still talking about you!"

    Thamisanqa Sjila
    South Africa, Langa Township
  • While collaborating with other female artists at Urban Paradise Gallery, it was my first time discussing art and collaborating with people from outside my country, something that can not be forgotten. Especially the way women convey their ideas. I became very inspired by the way they work and spoke, which is still rare among female artists in Indonesia
    NurNus, Ladies on Wall
  • The project brought together diverse groups in our community: generational, cultural and socioeconomic. It all seems to bring together different segments of the community such as business, residents, council and creating industries, all working together for free public art. This initiative demonstrates how affective art can be in bringing life, creativity and enthusiasm to a business centre that has elements of despair, empty shops and concerns about retail trading.

    Ann Sudmalis, MP Federal Member for Gilmore
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